25. April, 2017

I think that I have have fallen into a state of doldrums! This has to be gotten through and left behind but I am on the way using more and more time each day on my various projects getting ready for the show in Sweden in August and of course the Open Studios Køge event in  Whit. Fatigue is my worst enemy which means that I have to be much better at planning my time and not waste it on unimportant things.                                     The two kids are inspired by a photo taken by the famous German photographer , August Sander,1936. He is not happy but she is quite proud of her new dress and the bows in her hair. I have one small detail to stiffen before they are hung up at the beginning of June.                                                                                                                             I am going to hang all the various outdoor pieces up for the Open Studio Event which is a good chance to try it all out. The first spiders webs is “flat” but the second will be in a horn shaped form with the spider sitting at the bottom.

We are contemplating our next move, whether we should move or whether we should just stay put and let the kids do the tidying up after us. we are blessed in that we may be able to build a smaller house on a plot which is part of the present property. There has been a house there through until 1910 and we are trying to get building permission from the council, however, this is proving to be a headache so it might just end up with us staying on here. This is in fact no real problem since the house is well suited for people getting older but it is a wee bit big! The bottom line is that we have been looking round at houses in an attempt to make up our minds and we have come to realise that we cannot get what we have built up here. Our workshops and our wild life!! I was out feeding the birds this morning and along came a pheasant couple the cock clucking away as if I was not there, less than ½ meter from my feet and not a bit worried about me and my dog. I can watch the heron try to catch fish in our ponds, watch a deer kid take it´s first steps, watch the squirrels and the fox from my sitting-room window. Either we build a house next door or we stay here!!                                                                                                        Over the bridge to Sweden tomorrow for an interview for an article in a newspaper for the exhibition in August. No rest for the wickedThis is just Tenara thread and wire.

10 thoughts on “25. April, 2017

  1. Always wonderful to hear from you and catch up on your creative life adventures.

    I am writing this in the waiting room at Moores Cancer Center in San Diego. This is a monthly routine as my husband recovers from radiation and chemotherapy following surgery for a malignant brain tumor. We are on a slow but steady path back to health. It’s the new normal life for us. There us a constant battle with fatigue.

    I am still a Docent at the Mingei International Museum. I fondly remember your visit there. I will attempt to send you some photos of my recent art. Technology……serve me!

    Take care,


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  2. Good to read you again Edith. I think soul practicalities need to balance brain practicality. What I mean is what makes sense to your spirit and not just to your brain when it comes to the house move decision.

    As for the creating – these lines have a real presence like blackened steel, yet at the same time they look so fragile.

    Wishing you much success with Sweden.

    1. Got the images Jody but you know what there was no explanatory text and I would just love some background. Really brilliant work. Hope I can see them when I am next in San Diego

  3. difficult decisions, but feel confident your will find a solution – the great thing is that Olaf and your are such a strong team. looking forward to see these work in real life.

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