1. January 2019

I have had to pull myself together and get back to work after spending almost a year doing next to nothing apart from starting a series of hand embroideries to be called ” Portrait of a Family”
I think in point of fact that I have underestimated the effect my illness has had on my creative gene. I should have wondered why I have not written a word on my blog since October 2017, not a word about having  been part of a book published in 2017 called       101 Artists 2017 , not a word about the gallery in Dragør where I spent a week showing my work and not a word about the yearly meeting at my house that started after I finished the course on Modern Embroidery in Kerteminde. Nada!

It is almost as if the curtains went down and the energy disappeared, not that I have not been active but in a different sort of way. I have listened to a load of good and bad books while doing  a whole lot of chores around the house and garden getting everything shipshape in an attempt to sell our too big property. Lets face it Olav and I are getting too old to live where we do and should down size.  But now we are in 2019 and the first thing I have done to start the year is to plan to take part in Køge Open Studios at Whit together with my good Swedish artist buddy Elisabeth .. SO….  I have to get my act together, get into my workshop and produce new pieces. I will start while here in California by doing some serious sketchbook work which invariably leads to new ideas.

That is my New Year´s resolution!

5 thoughts on “1. January 2019

  1. Edith, how lovely to hear from you. Where are you in California? The Mingei is closed for renovations but I am here in San Diego. Let’s see if we can find a mutually convenient time to meet. Wishing you a creative New Year. Jody

    1. How nice to hear from you. I have not been here for 3 years due to a couple of DVTs and Lyme Disease and in the meantime our son has moved to Anaheim Hills in order to be nearer his wife´s work place. Super view to the snowy mountains with a fair breeze the past couple of days. He works from home with a secretary on the East Coast which can only happen in our brave new world. Is there any special exhibition you think we should see? We are here until 9th february so there is time and San Diego is not so far away. edith

    1. Hi Lottie thanks for your best wishes. Inger Weidema and Ann Christine and I are working on a set of exercises from a book that Inger has read. The exercises are supposed to help build up creativity getting critique from the group. Critique is good as long as it is not only positive. All is not perfect and negative points can be dealt with as long as the critique is constructive. I missed that with the other students in OCA forums..few came up with suggestions on how to make the pieces even better!! That is also one thing I notice with Facebook which I use mostly as an archive for storing shares which I have found when looking to see what the people I know are up to. If it is a beautiful waterfall then there are plenty of Ohs and Ahs but when I share political views or comments then the feedback is nearly zilch specially for the specially Danish articles. Happy New Year!

      1. I’ve just joined Facebook so I’ll try and find you. Lots of changes this end, but making and making and making in spite of it all. I agree about the need for true critique and it’s also good news that Inger and Ann and you have a creative community. Going to search up. But I’ll be back as it is a new platform to me!

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