7 th. June 2017

We have had a long glorious period of sunshine and heat but it just had to break and right on the first day of the Whit Art Route Køge! We were 7 artists in all at our address exhibiting some really good art pieces but what does it matter when it rains and next day was not only Whit but Constitution Day when folks go to listen to their local politicians talking a lot of hot air in Parks and Community Centers. We had half the amount of guests from last year but OK we all had a great time talking together, exchanging ideas and eating lots of good food.

I had planned to experiment on some pieces of embroidery that I had found in a secondhand shop. We all know the kind; cross stitch design what we call ” sofa pieces” often hanging on the walls of our older ( says me ) citizens and often with a roaring deer stag some where in the design. However, I have done other prints like this one on the left which turned out really vibrant in it´s expression. Look carefully for there is a path into the unknown and watch out you might just be drawn in!

Back to the mundane. 

I have, deliberately not cut off the embroidery part not printed on in order to give me the chance to judge what the camera tells me and maybe to help me make a final decision.  I have cropped the photo which changes the impression more than slightly, however, does the print do anything for the embroidery or the embroidery do anything for the print?

I did two prints. Be interesting to hear some honest comments!

We did a lot of talking this weekend and at some point discussed what we should take with us when we move into our new house in 20A. Olav and I spend quite a bit of time when travelling looking at secondhand shops and graveyards. Reading the names and captions on gravestones is extremely interesting because they give a background history to any area. As are secondhand shops;  often shock us in that they are a clear sign of the lack of the need for keeping family objects within the family. We own stuff from our grandparents if not our great grandparents  which are almost like my tomato root keeping us bound within the family connections. By the bye talking of the tomato root; almost finished as is the second spiders web. I love the work with slow stitch as represented in the tomato root but sewing spiders webs is absolutely boring and I will not be doing that ever again. I wish I could afford to have a studio assistant to do the boring stuff! Back to what we will be taking with us; we just got the zoning permission and Olav is well on the way with the drawing of the project but it will take time and this will give us time to choose and our kids time to have their say in the matter. Work starts this coming weekend on the felling of trees that have to go but this is work for young folks who understand how to fell trees and not old folks like us. For the really interested, it will be a wooden house with a sedum roof and geothermal heating ( floor heating)


This clever young girl is in fact my great niece of whom I am very proud!

5 thoughts on “7 th. June 2017

  1. Congratulations on Yva’s success. What an exciting position to be in as a young lady. Independence and vision.

    Good to read about your work and exhibition – sorry about the weather. Hmm… your print definitely raise the tired predictable cross stitch but feel it takes away from the delicious hunt i have in your more abstract works. Its a bit too like a coloured filterfor me at the moment. It waters down your print to a surface colouring. In my opinion!!

    Good luck with all the house decisions and deliberations.

  2. For me the house one does seem a bit flat at the moment – but the bird one has actually a good balance of still showing something of the old. I like that. there seems more of a dialogue between the two layers in that piece. But I think there might be something missing a third layer that makes the two talk some together – and thus making it your expression (for me the ‘appropriation’ is only half yet). If the are to work as a pair then addition in the form of something dark/black might help the house? have it sitting around on the design wall for a period of time until the next step is apparent is my suggestion.

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