In Memoriam, various fabrics thread and rusty metal


Frontispiece of “Roots”
“Roots” backing with self portrait



First piece in series 15 x 27 cm. Frame made of old planks from Køge Old Mill, bark from Paper Birch, eco-dyed scrim, seeds and thread
Second in series. 15 x 27 cm. Planks from Old Mill, rotten pine tree trunk and thread
Third in series, 15 x 27, Old plank from Køge Old Mill, Belle de Boscoop apple skin, thread and cotton wool
86×93 cm. Rusted cotton with backing using an old and worn out damask woven table cloth, newspaper, teabags and thread. Frihand machine sewn. The iron used for the rusting was found on a beach on Åland near a meadow with geese.
A used tea towel made from Metis, bought on ebay. Eco-printing using plats and twigs found on our own ground.
Again eco-printed old metis. Hand sewn.
Old eco-printed metis, bought quilt fabric with polar bear design and eco printed dupion silk. Cut torn and woven. A comment on global warming
These thre pieces are hung together since the theme is global warming and the resulting migrations. I havn´t got round to the wars yet!
Not a good photo but a little girl and boy anno 1936 inspired by the German photographer August Sander, Tenara thread and wire. They are about 60 cm high and will be exhibited outside in the garden of the gallery in Hörby Sweden.
A photo of the spiders web. The size is about 5m x 5m Tenare thread
A head in Tenara thread inspired by the patterns in a marble floor.
Inspired by Edvard Munch Tenara thread. Freehand machine sewing
Where did he come from? Again tenara thread. All three heads are about 35 x 35 cm
In Memoriam, 2011. Inspired by a rotten hollow tree stub in the park at Vallø Slot. In memory of Mhairi and John
DSP on Metis. Not finished
DSP on Metis
Spiders ready for their webs which will be photographed in June when they will be hung for the first time. All designed to manage outdoor conditions. Spiders need their legs straigtening






Frontispiece of “Roots”